We publish as much information as we can about the work that we do. 

Here, you can find various documents and records relating to our investigations, Complaint Handling Reviews, publications, audits and business documents, such as our strategic and business plans, annual reports and policies. 



In investigations directed by the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS): Our findings and report to COPFS are confidential and will not be published.

In investigations referred by the Chief Constable or other policing bodies operating in Scotland: The Commissioner may publish the conclusions unless criminal proceedings are still being considered. 

In investigations referred by the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) regarding misconduct by a senior officer of the rank of ACC and above: The Commissioner is not authorised to publish reports.



Whilst we consider it appropriate to be open and transparent about our work, some restrictions do apply. Our summarised CHR reports are anonymised to ensure those involved cannot be individually identified.

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