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Report – Police Scotland – PIRC/00310/23

04 Apr 2024

The Complaints

The complaint in this case arose after the applicant contacted the police to report an allegation of rape. On 31 August 2020, the applicant reported to the police that she was raped and sexually assaulted by an individual who she met through a work event. Police Scotland took a statement from the applicant but concluded that no crime had been committed.  We have reviewed the handling of three complaints, namely that: 

  1. on 1 September 2020, following the applicant’s report of a sexual crime, officers who noted her statement did not explain the process, which initially prevented the applicant from providing all the available evidence;
  2. Police Scotland failed to investigate the applicant’s report of a sexual crime; and
  3. that Police Scotland did not provide the applicant with a sufficient explanation of how they concluded no crime had occurred. 

Police Scotland's Decision

Police Scotland upheld complaint 1 but did not uphold complaints 2 and 3.  

Our Findings

We have found that Police Scotland handled all of the applicant’s complaints to a reasonable standard.  

Police Bodies: Police Scotland 

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