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As serving police officers or civilian members of police staff you can find information about what may happen if PIRC needs to contact you, or if you are involved with a PIRC investigation or Complaint Handling Review (CHR). 

What you should know about the PIRC

If we need to talk to you in relation to a PIRC investigation or Complaint Handling Review (CHR), our frequently asked questions will help you learn more.

Police FAQs

Learning Point

The Commissioner regularly issues a best practice bulletin for policing bodies called Learning Point. The aim is to support further learning from the recommendations made by our Review and Investigation teams and to encourage improvements to the service being delivered to the public.

Learning Point

Best practice

The Commissioner's Statutory Guidance for handling complaints about the police in Scotland, sets out minimum standards for the way that policing bodies should respond to complaints from the public. Bringing greater transparency, accountability and an increased focus on improvement.

Statutory Guidance

PIRC audits

We ensure that all policing bodies in Scotland have efficient and effective procedures for complaint handling that are suitably independent and adhere to the principle of continuous improvement. 
We achieve this by auditing their complaint handling procedures.

Published audits

Please do not include any personal information, for example information about a complaint or investigation you are involved in. If you would like to share any important information with us, please visit our Contact us page to find out how to get in touch.