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Senior Management Team Meeting - 23 October 2023

21 Nov 2023
  1. Welcome
  2. Minutes and Action Log from previous meeting
  3. Commissioner
  4. Communications
  5. Training
  6. Finance
  7. Any other business

Michelle Macleod Commissioner (MM) 
Phil Chapman Director of Operations (PC) 
Sharon Smit Accountable Officer/Head of Corporate Services (SS) 
Sharon Clelland Head of Legal Services (SC) 
Laura Duguid Finance Manager (LD) 
Raymond Brown Head of Investigations (RB2)
Rhoda Braddick Communications Manager (RB) 
Jennifer Fisher Secretariat (JLF)

1. Welcome and Apologies

PC opened the meeting and welcomed all Senior Management Team (SMT) members. PC welcomed RB2 to his first Senior Management Team meeting. 

Apologies were noted from Ilya Zharov, Head of Reviews and Policy. 

Matters proposed to be considered in private 
SMT agreed to consider agenda items 8-17 in private, for the reasons set out on the agenda.

2. Minutes and Action Log from previous meeting

Draft Minutes 
SMT approved the minutes of the September 2023 meeting. 

Action Log 
AP3 2023/24 - Complete 
AP5 2023/24 – Complete 
AP6 2023/24 – Ongoing 
SS advised that AP6 is currently under review by SS / RB - an update will be provided when available. 

Members noted the updates provided.

3. Commissioner 

Update paper 
MM provided a summary of the update report (circulated in advance). 

Members noted the update provided.

4. Communications

Update paper 
RB provided a summary of the Communications update paper (circulated in advance), drawing attention to the following areas: 

New website launched on 26 September 2023 – 17 applications started, 8 submitted.

  • FOI updates for 2023 have been approved. 
  • CHR Customer Feedback form – RB met with Reviews staff to consider current form. Further work will be undertaken to improve the Customer Feedback form.
  • Work continues to draft a CMS User Guide.
  • The PIRC website was subject of an Accessibility Audit - 2 low level actions were identified; – both actions are being addressed.  An update will be provided when available.

PSD Engagement Event 
Work continues to identify a mutually suitable date to host this event. 

Annual Report 
First-draft design copy received 23 October 2023 – RB will liaise with LD and SS to adopt amendments and prepare a draft copy for SMT/AAC approval. 

Learning Point 
Lynsay Cooper coordinating with SRO A Ferguson and SI Casey for content for November publication. 

• EQIA’s now approved and in use. 

Members noted the updates provided. 

5. Training

SS provided an update to members with regards to a range of ongoing work, drawing attention to the following areas. 

Training Audit (Internal Audit) 
Training audit has now concluded: 4 actions identified (3 low level and 1 medium level action). All actions are in progress. The final audit report is expected to be shared with PIRC this week and will be reviewed with AAC members at the meeting scheduled for 1 November 2023. 

EDI Training Group 
The EDI group are scheduled to meet on 24 October 2023 to review a Neurodiversity training package provided by Marshalls Learning.  Following the resignation of the Training Coordinator, the EDI Group will discuss and agree best approach to delivering the Race and Neurodiversity training packages. 

SS advised that discussions are ongoing in respect of staff accessing a PIRC specific ‘Empower Hour’ sessions facilitated by Police Scotland, which staff would attend in 2024. 

National Investigators Exam 
Four Investigators undertook the National Investigators Exam on 20 September. 
All passed the exam and will now progress to undertaking IIP.

6. Finance

Management Accounts 
LD provided a summary of the Management Accounts to end September 2023 (circulated in advance). SS confirmed that SG were aware of our forecasted position and pressures faced. 

SS advised that, as a result of these pressures, a Business Case had been submitted to SG.  SBR has been agreed for capital spend on accommodation work, DSSS testing and a contribution towards Public Inquiry.  Confirmation of funding for increased rent has still to be confirmed (anticipated to be done as part of ABR). 

Members noted the updates provided.

7. Any other business

Mid-Year Appraisals 
SS reminded members that mid-year appraisals should be concluded by 31 October 2023. 
SS requested that HR are advised of any staff who will not have their mid-year appraisal concluded by this time (i.e., staff are on annual leave, maternity leave, sick leave etc.) 

National Records of Scotland (NRS) 
SS advised that the Public Records (Scotland) Act 2011 obliges named public authorities to prepare and provide a Records Management Plan (RMP) to the Keeper of the Records of Scotland; PIRC last submitted a RMP in August 2015. Through discussion, it was agreed that the PIRC RMP would be submitted by the end of 2023. 

Update: 25 October 2023: PIRC Information Officer and Information Coordinator to attend Public Records (Scotland) Act (PRSA) online event on 20 November 2023. 

Members noted the update provided. 

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