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Senior Management Team meeting - 20 March 2024

16 Apr 2024
  1. Welcome
  2. Minutes and Action Log from previous meeting
  3. Commissioner
  4. Communications
  5. Training
  6. Finance
  7. Any other business 

Michelle Macleod Commissioner (MM) 
Phil Chapman Director of Operations (PC) 
Sharon Smit Accountable Officer / Head of Corporate Services (SS) 
Sharon Clelland Head of Legal Services (SC) 
Ilya Zharov Head of Policy and Reviews (IZ) 
Raymond Brown Head of Investigations (RB2) 
Rhoda Braddick Communications Manager (RB) 
Jennifer Fisher Secretariat (JLF)

1. Welcome and Apologies

PC opened the meeting and welcomed all Senior Management Team (SMT) members. 
Apologies were noted from Laura Duguid, Finance Manager (LD). 

Matters proposed to be considered in private 
SMT agreed to consider agenda items 9-17 in private, for the reasons set out on the agenda.

2. Minutes and Action Log from previous meeting

Draft Minutes 
SMT approved the minutes of the February 2024 meeting.

Action Log 
AP9 – IZ advised that, due to a change in recording and reporting timescales to conclude cases, an anomaly has been highlighted in previously issued Reviews Performance Reports in respect of timescales to conclude cases. IZ to undertake further review and provide an update.

3. Commissioner

Update paper 
MM provided a summary of the Commissioner’s update report (circulated in advance). 

Sheku Bayoh Public Inquiry (SBPI) 
MM advised members she was scheduled to meet Inquiry Counsel the following week to participate in a scoping exercise. MM noted there is potential that she may be called to give evidence to the Inquiry. 
Work continues to prepare for upcoming hearings and to review documentation ahead of core participant and public disclosure. 

MM and SC continue to engage with Senior and Junior Counsel to review position statements and discuss preparations for forthcoming hearings. 

MM advised that she and other SMT members had met with Bill team members earlier in the day, to review financial implications of the Bill’s provisions. MM advised that members of the Bill Team are due to appear at the Finance and Public Administration Committee meeting scheduled for later in March. 

MM advised that PIRC are likely to be asked to provide evidence to the Bill Team during ‘evidence sessions’ in April/May 2024 – further update will be provided when available. 

Civil Case 
MM advised that the Sheriff Appeal Court have refused the appeal lodged on behalf of the pursuer and has awarded expenses in PIRC’s favour. The pursuer has 14-days to appeal the Sheriff Appeal Court’s decision (2 April 2024) - further update will be provided when available.

4. Communications

Update paper 
RB provided a summary of the Communications update paper (circulated in advance), drawing attention to the following areas: 

Learning Point 
Draft content provided from each department has now been forwarded to designers for layout. LP will be published by end of March 2024. 

Annual Report 2023-2024 
Heads of Department continue to provide draft content for inclusion in the Annual Report. An initial draft will be provided to SMT for review at a future meeting. 

Three Technical upgrades continue to progress. 
Creation of an animated web-video (CHR process) is progressing. 

Members noted the updates provided.

5. Policy Documents – Amendments and Updates

MORR Policy 
SS provided members with an overview of the changes made to the MORR Policy since its previous review by SMT, explaining that the policy now complies with recommendations made by the internal audit. 

SS advised members that Corporate Services staff will maintain a ‘Business Use Vehicle Register’ ensuring that staff, who claim business mileage, have a valid MOT certificate (where appropriate), Business Insurance as well as valid Road Tax. 

Members approved the policy. 

Employee Vetting Policy 
SS provided members with an overview of the changes made to the Employee Vetting Policy since its previous review by SMT, explaining that the majority of changes were made so as to provide clearer guidance to staff. 

SC advised she had noted some typographical errors within the document and would provide SS with these, via email.   

Members approved the policy subject to typographical corrections as highlighted by SC. 

Appraisal Guidance 
SS provided members with an overview of the changes made to the Appraisal Guidance document, explaining that the majority of changes were made to provide clearer guidance to staff and to ensure all training development requests were recorded. 

Members approved the guidance document.

6. Training

SS provided a verbal update to members with regards to a range of ongoing training, drawing attention to the following. 

Internal Training 
Various mandatory training sessions held year to date/scheduled to be held prior to year end:

  • Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (Empower Hour sessions delivered by Police Scotland CPD Team)
  • Dignity at Work - scheduled for April/May 2024
  • Criminal Justice Act (delivered by Police Scotland)
  • Mental Health First Aid – recertification course
  • First Aid at Work – recertification course
  • Defibrillator Training – scheduled for April 2024
  • Behaviours at Work – scheduled for April and May 2024

Training Coordinator 
SS advised that Hazel Wyper, Corporate Services Administrator had been appointed as PIRC Training Coordinator following interview. 

Members noted the update provided.

7. Finance

Management Accounts to end February 2024 
SS provided a summary of the Management Accounts to the end of February 2024 (circulated in advance). 

SS drew attention to the Full Year forecast and variance following ABR / SBR Budget position and updated members in relation to any over and underspends reported to SG. 

SS advised that budget lines are to be revised for 2024/2025. LD will provide further update at the April SMT meeting. 

SS asked managers to remind staff to submit any expenses claim forms before the end of the financial year. 

Members noted the updates provided.

8. Any other business

Nil of note. 

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