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Senior Management Team meeting - 20 February 2024

19 Mar 2024
  1. Welcome
  2. Minutes and Action Log from previous meeting
  3. Commissioner
  4. Communications
  5. Training
  6. Finance
  7. Any other business

Michelle Macleod    Commissioner (MM)
Phil Chapman        Director of Operations (PC)
Sharon Smit         Accountable Officer/Head of Corporate Services (SS)
Sharon Clelland     Head of Legal Services (SC)
Ilya Zharov         Head of Policy and Reviews (IZ)
Laura Duguid        Finance Manager (LD)
Raymond Brown       Head of Investigations (RB2)
Rhoda Braddick      Communications Manager (RB)
Jennifer Fisher     Secretariat (JLF)

1. Welcome and Apologies

PC opened the meeting and welcomed all Senior Management Team (SMT) members. 

Matters proposed to be considered in private 
SMT agreed to consider agenda items 9-17 in private, for the reasons set out on the agenda.

2. Minutes and Action Log from previous meeting

Draft Minutes 
SMT approved the minutes of the January 2024 meeting. 

Action Log 
There are no outstanding actions to review on the Action Log.

3. Commissioner

Update paper 
MM provided a summary of the Commissioner’s update report (circulated in advance). 

Sheku Bayoh Public Inquiry (SBPI) 
MM advised that SBPI reconvened on 6 February 2024. To date, evidence has been heard from Keith Harrower, Billy Little, Alistair Lewis and partial evidence from John McSporran. The Inquiry will reconvene on Tuesday 27th February 2024. 

Work continues to prepare for this and future hearings and to review documentation ahead of core participant and public disclosure. 

MM and SC continue to engage with Senior and Junior Counsel to review position statements and discuss preparations for hearings. 

MM advised that the Bill team may hold ‘evidence sessions’ in March 2024. MM will seek clarification from the Bill team and provide an update when available. 

SPA Board meeting 
MM advised that she is scheduled to attend the SPA Board meeting on 22 February to present the PIRC Annual Report 2022-2023.

4. Communications

Update paper 
RB provided a summary of the Communications update paper (circulated in advance), drawing attention to the following areas: 

Learning Point 
Team leads identified and preparing drafts. Initial drafts to be shared with Comms Team by 23 February. 

Annual Report 2023-2024 
Draft content continues to be provided to Comms Team. An initial draft will be provided to SMT for review at future meeting. 

Technical updates identified and reviewed with The Union. 
Creation of an animated web-video (the CHR process being the topic) is progressing and will be available by end March 2024. 
Draft Web report provided to members for consideration. 

Members noted the updates provided.

5. Policy Documents – Amendments and Updates

Flexi Time Policy 
SS provided a summary of the changes made to the Flexi Time Policy (circulated in advance). 
SS advised that additional amendments will be required to be made when the Oracle system is in place (date tbc). 

Members approved the policy. 

Flexible Working Policy 
SS provided a summary of the changes made to the Flexible Working Policy (circulated in advance). 

Members approved the policy.

6. Training

SS provided a verbal update to members with regards to a range of ongoing work within training, drawing attention to the following areas. 

Internal Training 
Various mandatory training sessions ongoing / scheduled to be held (FOISA, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Dignity at Work etc) - All training sessions have been / will be delivered within PIRC offices. 

Training Coordinator 
Training Coordinator role advertised and interviews scheduled to be held before month end. 

Members noted the update provided.

7. Finance

Management Accounts to end January 2024 
LD provided a summary of the Management Accounts to end January 2024 (circulated in advance). 

LD drew attention to the Full Year forecast variance to ABR / SBR Budget position and updated members in relation to any over and underspends reported to SG. In addition, LD provided members with additional information in relation to spending within each area, Staff Costs, Total Running costs and additional Accommodation costs. 

LD and SC to further review Legal costs associated with the ongoing Public Inquiry. 

Members noted the updates provided.

8. Any other business

Scott v PIRC Civil Case 
MM advised that Anderson Strathearn have been instructed to progress with the written appeal submissions. Submissions are due to be lodged by 12  noon on Monday 26 February. 
A further update will be provided when available. 



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