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Senior Management Team Meeting - 16 May 2023

20 Jun 2023


  1. Welcome

  2. Matters proposed to be considered in private 7 - 13

  3. Minutes and Action Log from previous meeting

  4. Commissioner

  5. Communications

  6. Finance

  7. Any other business


Michelle Macleod      Commissioner (MM)

Phil Chapman          Director of Operations (PC)

Sharon Smit            Accountable Officer / Head of Corporate Services (SS)

Sharon Clelland        Head of Legal Services (SC)

Ilya Zharov              Head of Policy and Reviews (IZ)

John McSporran       Head of Investigations (JMcS)

Laura Duguid           Finance Manager (LD)

Rhoda Braddick       Communications Manager (RB)

Jennifer Fisher        Secretariat (JLF)

1. Welcome and Apologies

PC opened the meeting and welcomed all Senior Management Team (SMT) members.

All members in attendance – no apologies noted.

2. Matters proposed to be considered in private

SMT agreed to consider agenda items 7-13 in private, for the reasons set out on the agenda.

PART 1 – for Publication

3. Minutes and Action Log from previous meeting

Draft Minutes

SMT approved the minutes of the April 2023 meeting.

Action Log

SMT noted updates to the action log.

4. Commissioner

Update paper

MM provided a paper to members (circulated in advance) containing detailed updates on a range of ongoing work, drawing attention to the following areas:

  • Police Complaints and Misconduct Handling Bill
  • Joint Audit between PIRC and SPA – of Complaint Triage by Police Scotland’s National Complaint Assessment and Resolution Unit (NCARU)
  • Stakeholder Engagements in May 2023

SMT noted the update provided.

5. Communications

Update paper

RB provided a summary of the Communications update paper (circulated in advance), drawing attention to the following areas:

  • Website/Intranet Development: work continues to progress the Web development project. – currently in the DESIGN stage
  • First DSSS assessment complete – awaiting sign off. Second assessment at end of Data Phase (towards launch)
  • Test pages of new website created and user testing carried out – test groups looked at CHR form. General feedback received from test group is positive
  • Transfer of hosting concluded – no issues to report
  • Delays in timeline of project. Launch delayed to late June/early July 2023
  • Policy Updates – Web Retentions timescales will be added to Records Management Policy, Publications policy currently under review and Social Media policy to be reviewed
  • Strategic Plan – DRAFT document returned from designer – no text changes. Document to be shared with MM for approval
  • Annual Report – draft copy provided by Heads of Departments to be reviewed and provided to Commissioner for comment/feedback
  • Stakeholder feedback on new SPA website - deadline for response is 19 May 2023

Members noted the content of the update.

PIRC Alpha User Testing Summary

RB provided brief overview of the User Research Summary document circulated in advance.

RB highlighted that the document provides details on who the user group were, provides an overview of the technical aspects of the site and provides a list of recommendations (currently being reviewed).

Members noted the content of the document.

Policy Documents – Amendments and Updates

SS provided a brief summary of the amendments made to the policies circulated in advance.

Personal Relationships at work

Update to job titles of SMT members and general update – no significant changes applied.

Comments provided by MM to be included.

Members approved the amended policy.

Grievance Policy

Considerable number of amendments made to make policy more concise for users (managers and staff).

No feedback received.

Members approved the amended policy.

Disciplinary Policy

Considerable number of amendments made to make policy more concise and clearer for users (managers and staff).

SC highlighted that some tracked changes have been left within the document and should be removed prior to issuing. SS advised this would be done.

Members approved the amended policy.

Leave Policy

This policy will be reviewed again in October 2023 following the launch of Oracle Cloud.

MM highlighted one minor amendment to be made to the list of Privilege Leave dates. SS agreed to review and amend as necessary.

Members approved the amended policy and noted that it will be re-reviewed in October 2023.

6. Finance

Management Accounts to end April 2023

LD provided a verbal update to members.

LD advised that there are no management accounts available for period 1. Periods 1 and 2 will be reported jointly at the June SMT meeting.

LD advised that she has submitted the work required to complete year end accounts in order to allow Scottish Government to prepare and return the annual accounts for use in the external audits. Balance Sheet journals are due to be returned to LD within the next fortnight.

LD advised that she is preparing to review budget and forecast for the year ahead. LD advised that this work would, hopefully, be facilitated by the Finance Officer, who is due to commence post mid-June 2023.

SMT noted the update provided.

7. Any other business

Nil to note

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