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Report – Police Scotland – PIRC/00607/22

03 May 2023

The Complaints 

The complaints in this case arose after the applicant was charged with a road traffic offence. We have reviewed the handling of five complaints, namely that:

  1. On 18 June 2021, the applicant was cautioned and charged by an officer with a contravention of Section 3 of the RTA 1988 following an incident on 5 June 2021, the applicant stated that he did not drive carelessly on that date and the charge against him was malicious;
  2. An officer did not make a requirement in terms of Section 172 of the RTA 1988 when he attended to charge the applicant;
  3. An officer said that the applicant’s wife was not present in the vehicle when she was, and did not carry out sufficient enquiry into the incident;
  4. An officer waited until the 13th day to administer the section 1 warning to the applicant and the applicant said they should have notified the registered keeper of the vehicle;
  5. An officer looked left as he passed the applicant when he was overtaking, which the applicant believes was dangerous driving due to the speed he was driving at. 

Police Scotland’s Decision

Police Scotland did not uphold any of the applicant’s complaints.  

Our Findings

We have found that Police Scotland handled all of the applicant’s complaints to a reasonable standard.

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