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Report - Police Scotland - PIRC/00310/21

14 Dec 2021

The Complaints

The complaints in this case arose from Police Scotland’s investigation into an alleged road traffic incident reported by the applicant.

We have reviewed the handling of 4 complaints, namely that:

  1. Between 23 February and 8 March, a police officer failed to contact the applicant or to provide him with an update in relation to an incident which he reported;

  2. Between 23 February and 8 March, a police officer failed to take a statement from the applicant;

  3. A Police officer incorrectly assessed the incident which resulted in the incident being closed without further investigation; and

  4. A Police officer failed to carry out an appropriate investigation.

Police Scotland’s Decision

Police Scotland upheld complaint 4, did not uphold complaints 1 and 3 and did not reach a separate conclusion regarding complaint 2.

Our Findings

We have found that Police Scotland handled all of the complaints to a reasonable standard. Nonetheless, we have made one recommendation in relation to complaint 2.

Police Bodies : Police Scotland

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