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Report - Police Scotland - PIRC/00304/21

05 Nov 2021

The Complaint

The complaint in this case arose after the applicant’s mother, Mrs A,  made a report to the police that the applicant’s ex-husband, a serving police officer, had breached COVID-19 guidelines. We have reviewed the handling of the following complaint, namely that:

  • an officer disclosed that Mrs A was the informant of a report to the police in relation to the applicant’s ex-husband, despite Mrs A having asked to remain anonymous.

Police Scotland’s Decision

Police Scotland did not uphold the applicant’s complaint.

Our Findings

We have found that Police Scotland did not handle the complaint to a reasonable standard.

We have made a recommendation to address the shortcomings in Police Scotland’s handling of the complaint. In summary, we recommend that further enquiries are carried out into the complaint and that a further response is then sent to the applicant. Our recommendation should be implemented by Police Scotland within two months of the date of this report.

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