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Report - Police Scotland - PIRC/00047/21

14 Dec 2021

The Complaints

The complaint in this case arose after the applicant’s car was damaged in a hit and run incident.

We have reviewed the handling of a single complaint, namely that:

  • Police Scotland failed to disclose details of a crime report when required to do so in pursuit of a lawful purpose.

Police Scotland’s Decision

Police Scotland did not uphold the applicant’s complaint.

Our Findings

We have found that Police Scotland did not handle the applicant’s complaint to a reasonable standard.

Consequently, we have made a single recommendation to address the shortcomings we have identified in Police Scotland’s handling of the complaint.

Our recommendation should be implemented by Police Scotland within two months of the date of this report.


Police Scotland implemented the recommendation made in this case.

The applicant’s complaint remained not upheld, however an apology was issued for the length of time taken to process their Insurer’s requests, and for the length of time taken to resolve the recommendations after the CHR was issued.

The complaint was reassessed taking account of the procedures and processes in use at the time, and the applicant was provided with a fresh response that considered the points made in our report.

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