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Report - British Transport Police – PIRC/00681/23

27 Mar 2024

The Complaints

The complaint in this case arose after the applicant experienced an episode of ill health in a train station.  The applicant’s wife approached three British Transport Police (BTP) officers to request their assistance, which the applicant stated was not offered.

We have reviewed the handling of one complaint, namely that: 

  1. On 18 December 2023, officers failed to provide the applicant with assistance during an episode of ill health, despite being requested to do so by his wife.

British Transport Police's Decision

The BTP did not reach a determination on whether the service provided was acceptable. 

Our Findings

We have found that the BTP did not handle the applicant’s complaint to a reasonable standard.

Consequently, we have made a recommendation to address the shortcomings in the BTP’s handling of the complaint. In summary, we have recommended that the BTP conduct further enquiry, reassess the applicant’s complaints, and provide him with a fresh response.

Our recommendation should be implemented by the BTP within two months of the date of this report.

Police Bodies: British Transport Police (BTP)

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