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Audit Report on the Six-Stage Complaint Handling Process

10 Jul 2024

We have published a report of findings and recommendations following an audit of Police Scotland’s six stage complaint handling process.

The aim of this audit is to provide assurance that:

  • The complaints process is accessible.
  • All relevant complaints are correctly identified and progressed in accordance with Police Scotland’s internal guidance and the PIRC Statutory Guidance.
  • Complaint determinations are recorded and supported by key material 
  • Complaints are resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible but not to the detriment of the complaint enquiry and the service offered to complainers.
  • Opportunities for learning and improvement are identified.
  • Complainers are advised and made aware of their right of recourse to the PIRC for a complaint handling review should they remain dissatisfied with how their 
    complaint was handled. 

It also seeks to identify opportunities for learning and improvement; highlight good practice and identify any weaknesses in Police Scotland’s complaint handling.

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