We carry out independent reviews of the way in which police bodies operating in Scotland handle complaints made about them by members of the public. We call these Complaint Handling Reviews.

In this section you can find out how to ask the PIRC to review your complaint against the police, what our review process involves, the possible outcomes following a complaint handling review and some frequently asked questions. You can also access published Complaint Handling Reviews. 

If you prefer, you can download our leaflet, A guide for the public on the role of the PIRC, which gives an overview of our services and the complaint handling review process.

The complaints process:

  • First, make your complaint to the Professional Standards Department of the police body concerned.
  • Then, if you are dissatisfied with the response, you may then apply to the PIRC for a Complaint Handling Review (CHR).
  • Finally, once we have completed our CHR, we may publish the findings.

What we publish

We publish an anonymised version of our CHR reports on our website. A small number are not published, where there is a risk that publication could lead to identification of any of those involved.

Before you contact the PIRC

Before you contact the PIRC, we recommend that you read this section carefully to make sure that you have completed all the necessary steps in order for us to assist you.

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Complaint Handling Review process

Here you can find out more about what to do if you have a complaint about a police body and more details about our role in reviewing complaints.

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Applying for a Complaint Handling Review

For the PIRC to be able to review your complaints, all sections must be completed.

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Possible outcomes of Complaint Handling Reviews

This section lists some of the possible outcomes of your complaint handling review.

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