Two Complaint Handling Reviews have been published by the review team this week, addressing a total of eight complaints about Police Scotland.

PIRC/00151/20 related to when six police officers attended the home of the applicant looking for her son.  The applicant complained that the officers each failed to provide their name and badge number when requested.  Police Scotland upheld two of the complaints and we found that all of the applicant’s complaints were handled to a reasonable standard.

However PIRC has made two recommendations in relation to procedural shortcomings, identified in the handling of the complaints that were not upheld. In light of those shortcomings we have recommended the police issue an apology to the applicant.

Recommendations should be implemented by Police Scotland within two months.

In PIRC/00362/20 the applicant’s complaints arose from their interaction with the police on two separate occasions.  In one complaint an officer said the applicant was stopped due to the way he looked and in another the applicant was stopped at an airport due to racial profiling.

Police Scotland did not uphold either of these complaints and PIRC has found that in both instances the complaints were handled to a reasonable standard.  No further action is required.

Read the full report summaries here.

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