An investigation report has found that a police driver was not to blame for a collision involving their vehicle and two other cars being driven by members of the public.

The incident on 8 March 2019 on Oriel Road, happened near its junction with Strathallan Drive, Kirkcaldy. An 87-year-old man, who was driving one of the cars, a Kia, sustained serious injuries. The police driver and the driver of the other car, an Audi, sustained minor injuries.

The police car was responding to a report of a stolen vehicle being driven dangerously in the Falkirk area and had its blue lights and siren on. Earlier in the day, the stolen vehicle struck a member of the public, seriously injuring them.

An investigation report, for the Police Investigations & Review Commissioner (PIRC), found that as the marked police vehicle drove towards the junction with Strathallan Drive, the Kia pulled out from the junction into its path. There was not enough time for the police driver to take evasive action and the two vehicles collided, causing the Kia to then collide with the Audi.

The elderly man was taken to Ninewells Hospital in Dundee for treatment following the incident.

The investigation report found that the officer driving the car was a trained police advanced driver and was not at fault for the collision.

A man was later reported by police to the Procurator Fiscal in relation to the collision but no action was taken.

Police Scotland referred the incident to the PIRC on 9 March 2019. The investigation examined the circumstances surrounding the road crash.

You can read the report and its findings here.