Four Complaint Handling Review (CHR) reports have been published this week.

Nine of all eleven complaints reviewed by the PIRC team were found to have been handled to a reasonable standard in the first instance by Police Scotland.

Our role is to review the way in which policing bodies handle complaints made about them. It is not to investigate the circumstances which led to the complaint or uphold allegations made. When carrying out a Complaint Handling Review (CHR) we consider a number of factors, including whether police carried out sufficient enquiries; their response was supported by the material information available and whether the police response was adequately reasoned.

In PIRC/00139/19 our review team examined four complaints arising from a motorist being stopped by the police for speeding.  We agreed with Police Scotland's decision not to uphold three of the complaints but made a recommendation in respect of the fourth, to address shortcomings in Police Scotland's handling of the complaint.

In PIRC/00150/19 the team reviewed three complaints made by another motorist who had been issued with a police warning for threatening and abusive behaviour towards another driver.  We found that two of the three complaints had been handled to a reasonable standard, but made a general recommendation in relation to this.

In the other two matters reviewed, all four of the complaints were considered to have been handled to a reasonable standard by Police Scotland.  As such no further action is required in these matters.

View all the reports HERE.

We expect all actions issued to Police Scotland to be completed within two months of the date a report is issued.

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