The final report of an independent review of complaints, investigations and misconduct issues in relation to policing in Scotland has been published today.

The report by Dame Elish Angiolini was commissioned by the Cabinet Secretary for Justice and the Lord Advocate in June 2018.

It contains wide-ranging recommendations to the current framework and processes for handling complaints against the police and for investigating serious incidents and alleged misconduct, including the provision of a number of new oversight powers for the PIRC.

Commissioner Michelle Macleod said:

"We welcome this considered and thorough review by Dame Angiolini and her team.
“What is particularly pleasing is the recognition by Dame Angiolini that there has been a sea-change in the relationships among all of the agencies with a significant improvement in interactions, joint learning and co-operation and that the PIRC is well placed to fill gaps in in the system, resulting in a suite of new powers being recommended for the PIRC.
“We will carefully consider the findings and observations of this very comprehensive report and reflect on how the recommendations will impact on us as an organisation in the short to long-term and on improving the effectiveness of systems for dealing with complaints and increasing public confidence in the police.
“We also look forward to discussing the findings of the report with Dame Angiolini and other relevant justice organisations.”

Read the report HERE.

Michelle Macleod

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