An independent investigation report has found that British Transport Police (BTP) were justified in discharging Captor Spray at a man acting aggressively and trying to evade arrest.

The 32-year-old man was arrested following a disturbance at a taxi rank queue at Gordon Street, Glasgow, on 30 November 2019. He resisted arrest and began acting aggressively, resulting in other BTP officers being called to assist.

As he continued to struggle, he was pulled to the ground in an attempt to bring him under control, resulting in an officer becoming trapped underneath him.

This prompted one of the officers to discharge Captor Incapacitant Spray at the man. It initially had no effect but following a second discharge, the officer was freed and the man was brought under control and arrested. The man later received a fiscal fine.

An investigation report by the Police Investigations & Review Commissioner (PIRC) was submitted to BTP at the beginning of February and details of the incident can now be published.

The investigation found that, due to the man becoming more aggressive in his attempts to evade arrest, the use of Captor Spray was proportionate, necessary and justified to bring the situation under control. As a result, the officer was freed and the man was successfully arrested.

The report also found that, with the arrival of more officers at the incident, there was a breakdown in the communication with the man due to various officers and a relative of the man all shouting at him at the same time, resulting in confusion and an overall lack of control. Better communication may have enabled the incident to be de-escalated earlier.

A recommendation was made to BTP to consider whether the officers involved in the incident should undergo officer safety refresher training, including the tactical approach to communicating with someone acting aggressively and resisting arrest.

You can read the report and its findings HERE. 

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