This is the British Sign Language (BSL) Plan for the PIRC, as required by BSL (Scotland) Act. It sets out actions we will take over the period 2018-2023.

It follows the BSL National Plan, published 24 October 2017, which was developed through extensive engagement with Deaf and Deafblind BSL users and those who work with them.

The PIRC’s plan will be used until 2023. It will share the same long-term goals as the BSL national plan, where these are relevant to the work of this organisation.

The British Sign Language (Scotland) Act 2015 has three main goals for the PIRC. These are:

  1. To improve communication and access for people who use BSL who wish to work for the PIRC; and
  2. To improve communication and access for members of the public requesting a Case Handling Review
  3. To improve communication and access for members of the public who, in some capacity, are involved in a PIRC investigation.

The PIRC confirm their commitment to protecting and supporting BSL, including in its tactile form. We will do this by facilitating BSL awareness training for staff who may work with BSL users, and signpost to appropriate training. We will also review our website and literature to ensure appropriate access for BSL users.

Where possible and appropriate the PIRC will involve BSL users in the development of our draft plan and ask for comments.

The PIRC will continue engagement around these actions above and will provide feedback on our progress.

The PIRC will contribute to national progress report in 2020.