Two CHRs have been published by the Review team this week, which addressed a total of nine complaints made against Police Scotland.

In PIRC/00179/20 there was only one complaint which arose from the applicant’s interaction with the police officers.  Police Scotland did not uphold the complaint, however we found that they had not handled the complaint to a reasonable standard.  We recommended that Police Scotland address the shortcomings in respect of the complaint handling.

In PIRC/00129/20 the complaints arose after the applicant’s home was searched and he was charged with firearms offences.  He also has his application for an air weapon refused.  The complaints related to perceived factual inaccuracies and wrong assertions within the firearms application refusal letter.

Police Scotland upheld only one of eight complaints and we found that all of the complaints had been handled to a reasonable standard.  However we did recommend that each of the eight complaints should be recorded separately.

Any recommendations made by PIRC should be completed by Police Scotland within two months of the date of this report.

An executive summary of each of these reports can be found here.

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