Six CHRs have been published by the Review Team this week, with just under half the complaints reasonably handled by police.

A total of 19 complaints were examined. with seven dealt with to a reasonable standard by Police Scotland and 12 recommendations made.

In PIRC/00075/19, the complaint arose after the applicant’s house was searched and a number of items were removed following his arrest in March 2016. Although we found the complaint was not reasonably handled, no further action is required from Police Scotland. A learning point was identified in relation to the administration of the complaint.

In PIRC/00218/19, the three complaints in this case arose after several interactions that the applicant had with officers regarding an ongoing neighbour dispute. None were dealt with to a reasonable standard and Police Scotland were given three recommendations to address the shortcomings identified.

In PIRC/00250/19, six complaints were made after the applicant and members of his family were arrested and charged with offences under section 38 of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010 in relation to a neighbour dispute.

Four were not reasonably handled, including complaints that opportunities to gather CCTV and information from relevant witnesses were missed.  Police Scotland have been asked to carry out further enquiries into three of the complaints, while the fourth should be reassessed. A further response should then be sent to the applicant.

In PIRC/00284, the two complaints in this case arose following a report of concern for the applicant’s son. We concluded that the second complaint was not handled reasonably and a recommendation was made to address the shortcomings in Police Scotland’s handling of it.

In PIRC/361/19, three complaints were made in relation to police attendance at the applicant’s property in connection with a neighbour dispute. We found two to be reasonably handled and one recommendation was made to address the shortcoming in Police Scotland’s handling of complaint one, while a further recommendation was made in respect of the categorisation of complaint two.

In PIRC/00384/19, the four complaints in this case arose following the applicant’s interaction with various officers between 2014 and 2018.

Two of the complaints were reasonably handled and for the other two, recommendations were made to address the shortcomings in Police Scotland’s handling of those complaints. Complaint 2 should be recorded as a separate complaint about the police and investigated accordingly, and that further enquiries be conducted in relation to complaint 4.

All actions issued to Police Scotland should be implemented within two months.

You can read all of the latest published CHRs HERE.

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