The Police Investigation & Review Commissioner (PIRC) is investigating  allegations of criminal neglect of duty against officers with Police Scotland in relation to how they dealt with the alleged wrongful arrest of a man in April 2015.

A spokesman for the PIRC said:

"The Police Investigations & Review Commissioner (PIRC) is undertaking an investigation into allegations of criminal neglect of duty against a number of officers serving with Police Scotland.

"The potential criminality was identified by the Commissioner while conducting a Complaint Handling Review (CHR) into how Police Scotland dealt with complaints relating to the alleged wrongful arrest of a man in April 2015.

"The matter was drawn to the attention of the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS), who have now referred it to the PIRC for investigation.

"A report on the Commissioner's findings will be submitted to the COPFS in due course."

Notes to Editors:

PIRC investigators have all the powers of a constable, allowing them to:

  • Seize police CCTV, Airwave footage, 999 recordings
  • Seize custody records, Command and Control incident printouts, etc
  • Seize officers' witness statements
  • Seize public and private space CCTV
  • Carry out house-to-house enquiries
  • Seize mobile phone footage
  • Obtain medical and other specialist opinion
  • Interview/re-interview police and civilian witnesses
  • Carry out 'open source' social media searches

During the course of an investigation, our staff may:

  • Attend and preserve scenes and oversee forensic examination
  • Establish family liaison
  • Attend post-mortems
  • Issue witness appeals

The Review team:

  • Undertakes robust and thorough reviews of complaint handling by policing bodies
  • Identifies any failings in the original handling of the complaint by the policing body
  • Makes recommendations or directions for reconsideration (this is where a person, who has had no previous involvement in dealing with the complaints, undertakes a re-assessment of all of the complaints) to the policing body
  • Seeks implementation of recommendations and improvements of complaint handling procedures by the policing body


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