The PIRC Review team has published 11 Complaint Handling Reviews (CHRs) this week, which found that the majority of complaints dealt with by the police were handled to a reasonable standard.

From a total of 37 heads of complaint across the eleven cases, 27 of the complaints were found to have been reasonably handled. The PIRC made a total of 10 recommendations in relation to a variety of matters.

The complaints themselves ranged from matters arising from applicants who were held in custody, to interactions with police officers and searches of applicants’ property.

In PIRC/00547/19, three complaints arose after the applicant was detained in custody overnight. Among other matters the woman complained that she was left without clothing in her cell for 14 hours, which she felt was excessive. Police Scotland upheld this complaint, but not the other two complaints relating to medical treatment and the applicant not being given her glasses when she asked for them. We found that in each case the complaint was handled to a reasonable standard.

In PIRC/00004/20, the applicant requested a review following his complaints to the police about how they handled a neighbour dispute over the theft of trees. Police Scotland did not uphold either of the man’s complaints. However, upon review, we found that only one of the complaints had been handled to a reasonable standard. We recommended that the police should conduct further enquiries and issue a fresh response to the applicant.

We expect all actions issued to the police to be completed within two months of the date of a report being issued.

An executive summary of each of the 11 Complaint Handling reviews and be found here.

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