The Police Investigations & Review Commissioner (PIRC) has outlined her vision and objectives for the next three years with the publication of her Strategic Plan.

Kate Frame has detailed a series of key measures to be taken between 2016 and 2019, aimed at securing and increasing public confidence in policing.

Objectives have been set for the three PIRC teams - Investigations, Reviews and Corporate Services - to work towards driving up standards in policing bodies operating in Scotland.

To achieve this, the PIRC will focus on supporting continuous improvement and promoting positive change within these bodies.

The Strategic Plan 2016-19 is a follow up to the three year corporate plan published just after the PIRC was created. Since April 2013, the nature and complexity of investigations conducted by the organisation has changed significantly. Particularly in 2015-16, there was a marked increase in the number and complexity of investigations undertaken at the direction of the Lord Advocate.

In relation to Complaint Handling Review cases, there has been significant progress in the intervening years to reduce the time taken to process these cases and to deliver a more efficient response to the public. The team now finalise more than 90% of these cases within three months.

The Commissioner, Kate Frame, commented:

"In setting the strategic objectives for 2016-19, my vision is to secure and increase public confidence in policing in Scotland.

"I will continue to work with stakeholders to support continuous improvement and promote positive change, with the aiming of driving up standards in policing bodies operating in Scotland."

She added:

"Over the next three years, I look forward to engaging in ongoing discussion about how police misconduct, corruption and complaints about the police are generally dealt with and the level of independent investigation considered to be appropriate for these matters.

"Thereafter, the pace of any change will be influenced by policy development, public desire and the level of engagement by policing bodies operating in Scotland."

Notes to Editors

Police bodies operating in Scotland:

Police Scotland, Scottish Police Authority, British Transport Police, British Transport Police Authority, Civil Nuclear Constabulary, Civil Nuclear Police Authority, HM Revenue & Customs, Ministry of Defence Police and The National Crime Agency

Please see a copy of the Strategic Plan 2016-19