The Police Investigations & Review Commissioner (PIRC) has today announced she will step down from her post when her five year term in office ends.

Commissioner Kate Frame was appointed in 2014, after the formation of the PIRC in April 2013.

Kate Frame said:

“As I complete my five year term in office as the Police Investigations & Review Commissioner, I feel privileged to have led the organisation through a period of profound change in policing and unprecedented demand for independent scrutiny of police actions.
“This has been particularly challenging at a time when Police Scotland was familiarising itself with and adjusting to the new independent oversight framework.
“Several high profile cases have been referred to the organisation during this period, against a backdrop of a significantly increased workload and finite resources.
“However, I have been impressed with the dedication and commitment of all PIRC staff in meeting those challenges, often in difficult circumstances. Through their work, I have identified areas for improvement in police procedures and recognised good practice, where appropriate. In doing so, I have sought to promote learning and best practice in policing.
“Clearly, some of the shortfalls that we have identified throughout the past few years in the current police oversight arrangements have been recognised. I am hopeful that Dame Elish Angiolini’s ongoing review of the police complaints system will provide the opportunity for necessary refinement.
“While the organisation is still relatively young, the past five years have seen a growing awareness and acceptance of the role of the PIRC. The organisation is now firmly established as a key component within the justice sector. I am confident that the concept of independent scrutiny of police actions will continue to evolve in response to public expectation.
“After more than three decades of service in criminal justice, I now look forward to fresh challenges and I wish the staff and organisation well in the future.”

Notes to Editors:

The appointment of the Police Investigations & Review Commissioner is governed by the Police, Public Order and Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2006 as amended which provides for a five year term in office

Kate Frame took up her five year appointment as the first female Police Investigations & Review Commissioner in 2014 after a 28 year career within COPFS as a Prosecutor.  During her time with COPFS she was involved in several high profile prosecutions.

Since taking up the post of the Commissioner, several notable investigations arising from police actions have been referred to her for investigation.

In 2015, she was recognised as the fifth most powerful woman in Scotland in Scotland’s Power 100 list.

In 2016, she was identified as one of the top 25 most influential women in the Public Sector in Scotland.

In 2017, she won the Scottish Women’s Award for her Contribution to the Civil Service.



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