This section lists some of the possible outcomes of your complaint handling review. The conclusion section in the CHR will explain the outcome of our review. We may consider that:

  • Your complaint was handled reasonably.
  • Your complaint was not handled reasonably.
  • Recommendations could be made to the police body.
  • A Reconsideration Direction should be made to the police body.
  • A Learning Point should be issued to the police body. 

My complaint was handled reasonably

This means that we have concluded that the police body has dealt with your complaint to a reasonable standard and in line with its complaint handling procedures. However, in some cases where we find the complaint has been handled reasonably we may still identify learning and issue either a recommendation or a learning point for police.

My complaint was not handled reasonably

This means that we have decided that the police body has not dealt with your complaint to a reasonable standard. A recommendation, a reconsideration direction or a learning point (see below for more information on these) may be made to the police body concerned to address any failing identified.

A recommendation is made to the police body

If during the Complaint Handling Review we identify failings, shortcomings or deficiencies in the way the police body has handled your complaint, we may issue a recommendation. A recommendation may ask the police body to carry out further enquiries into your complaint, provide you with a more detailed response or even re-assess the available evidence based on the findings of our report.

A reconsideration direction is issued to the police body

In some cases, we may issue a reconsideration direction. This means that we have concluded that your complaint must be looked at again in full. In these circumstances, we would direct that someone who has had no previous involvement with your complaint is appointed by the police body to carry out the reconsideration. The reconsideration may be supervised by us depending on the seriousness of the case and any public interest considerations.

A learning point is issued to the police body

In all cases, we look for learning opportunities for the police so that their standard of complaint handling can be improved in the future. For example, we may point to aspects of the complaint handling that we believe could have been improved, without going so far as making a recommendation. We will also highlight any opportunities for organisational learning that we identify during the review, such as improving or reviewing police standard operating procedures or policies.