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To apply for a Complaint Handling Review, you can fill in the form below. Please note that if you fill in the form below, you can only work on one form at a time.

You can also download the form here. If you choose to download the form, you can fill it in and attach it to an email. Or, you can print it out and post it to us.

If neither of these options are suitable, please contact us and we will post a form to you.

You must fully complete your application. Incomplete forms will not be accepted. You may provide supplementary information with your completed application form.

For further details of how we use your information please see our Privacy Notice.

If you would like to know more about our role or powers, please explore the complaint handling reviews section.

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If your application will be received by the PIRC three months or more since the date of the police body’s final written response referring you to us, please provide an explanation for the delay in the box below. Unless the PIRC is satisfied that there are exceptional circumstances for the delay, we will not be able to consider your complaint. Please enclose any supporting evidence along with this application form.

Your complaint(s)

Important: if these instructions are not followed, your form may not be accepted

When listing your complaint(s), please remember that we cannot:

  • review a complaint that has not previously been made to the police
  • review a complaint where you received a response from the police more than three months ago (unless there are exceptional circumstances)
  • review a criminal allegation about a police officer or civilian member of staff
  • review complaints from individuals about the terms and conditions of their service with the police
  • order the payment of compensation or other financial penalty

In the boxes below, please describe the first complaint you would like us to review. For each additional complaint, please add a new box by clicking on the “Add another complaint” button below.

You must describe each complaint clearly and tell us why you are unhappy with the way each complaint was dealt with by the police.


Before you submit this form:

Please make sure that you have detailed all the complaints that you would like the PIRC to review.

If you want to attach any relevant documents please do so below. If you want to send us any documents by post please send to : Police Investigations & Review Commissioner, Hamilton House, Hamilton Business Park, Caird Park, Hamilton, ML3 0QA

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