The work of the PIRC is driven by our Objectives, Values, Purpose, Vision and Remit. 

Our Objectives

  • To undertake independent, thorough and timely investigations into incidents involving the police, with the aim of improving their procedures and increasing public confidence in policing in Scotland.
  • To undertake independent reviews of the way the police handle complaints, with the aim of increasing public confidence in policing in Scotland by making recommendations and ensuring that policing bodies have suitable complaints procedures.
  • To demonstrate a high level of governance and business effectiveness in accordance with best practice for Scottish public sector bodies.

Our Values

The way in which we undertake investigations and reviews is underpinned by three core values:

  • INTEGRITY: We will be trustworthy, honest, open and accountable for our actions.
  • IMPARTIALITY: We will act fairly and independently, ensuring that our work is objective and reflects a rigorous analysis of the evidence. Our actions and decisions will be based on professional judgement and free from bias and discrimination. 
  • RESPECT: We will treat everyone with courtesy and dignity, openly demonstrating respect for diversity and equality, irrespective of an individual's background, beliefs, values, culture and needs.

Our Purpose, Vision and Remit

Our Purpose - Is to independently investigate serious incidents involving the police and to independently review the way police handle complaints.

Our Vision - Is to secure and increase public confidence in policing in Scotland by supporting continuous improvement, promoting positive change and thereby driving up standards in policing bodies operating in Scotland.

Our Remit - The Police, Public Order & Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2006, as amended by the Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Act 2012, sets out the functions of the PIRC. Further provisions are made in the Police Investigations & Review Commissioner (Investigations Procedure, Serious Incidents and Specified Weapons) Regulations 2013 and the Police Service of Scotland (Senior Officers) (Conduct) Regulations 2013.